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Cross Pedagogy: How does NMCA's approach compare  

Stanislavski, Meisner, Hagen, Adler, Laban, Rasa, Alba, Fitzmaurice, Feldenkrais, Spolin, Grotowski  
How do we communicate with artists who use these approaches? Where is the overlap? What are the distinctions? What needs of the actor are these techniques helping with and does, and if so how and where does, Chekhov’s approach serve to solve the same challenges? This session is one of the required viewing or participation sessions for all Candidates and Capstone presenters from the Winter 22 CTI. Are you teaching a non-actors acting class? Are you weaving MC into a Meisner or Stanislavski program? As an actor how are you weaving different approaches together? What is working and what needs more exploration? Join us with your insights, experience and questions.  

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Since 1994, NMCA’s Intensive workshop is a transformational opportunity to catapult your acting, directing, designing and teaching forward in a powerful way.