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Michael Chekhov's 5-Guiding Principles

Lisa Dalton and Wil Kilroy, NMCA's Master Teachers, discuss Michael Chekhov's 5-Guiding Principles. NMCA alumni will remember the lectures during Chekhov Training Intensive workshops on this subject.  This series is a much deeper discussion for anyone interested in Michael Chekhov's ideas on theater.
"Practice Psycho-Physical Exercise to affect artistic states."
"Use intangible expressions to produce tangible results."
"Employ Creative Spirit and Higher Intellect to unify performance."
"Each point on Chart of Inspired Action awakens all other points."
"Ask questions of each point on the Chart."

Staccato-Legato Exercise 

Part of Michael Chekhov's toolkit for warming or loosening up, lifting or lowering energy, and directing energy across a stage and out to the cosmos. Several versions of this are taught during NMCA Chekhov Training.


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