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Educational Programs of NMCA, Inc.

National Michael Chekhov Association offers several different training programs for actors and theater people, as well as Certification Programs for Teachers of the Michael Chekhov pedagogy, Actors, Directors and Designers.  As well, there are numerous Certified Teachers of the NMCA Pedagogy located around the U.S. and more being certified every year. Click the link to find their BIO information.

Michael Chekhov Training Intensive - 76-hours of lecture, improv and practice

The flagship training program is the Michael Chekhov Training Intensive.  This 1-week intensive program provides 45-hours of intense practice in the techniques of Michael Chekhov, as enhanced and explained by Master Teachers, Lisa Dalton and Wil Kilroy, as well as hours of additional mini-workshops in auditioning, directing, analysis and performance. These are currently taught at New Mexico State University during early June and at University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida over the January 1st holiday week.  Find details about Training Intensive here..


This 5-day advanced training for alumni of either a Chekhov Training Intensive week or a Foundation Course is held at NMSU in Las Cruces during the week after the Intensive Workshop. During this week, we explore advanced concepts in theater, as well as deeper dives into to several Chekhov tools from the Chart of Inspired Action, and use NMCA's SynthAnalysis to device a complete production from scratch for performance to the public.

Foundation Course - 20-hours of lecture and practice

A Foundation Course is periodically taught in the DFW area of North Texas.  This weekend workshop teaches the basics of all the Michael Chekhov techniques over one weekend.  You can get details of this program with the FoundationFAQ.