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SPECIAL NOTICE for European Actors, Directors and Teachers

Michael Chekhov Advanced Training Programme

The Gaiety School of Acting - The National Theatre School of Ireland is offering a specialised and intensive Two-Year Part-Time Course which runs in conjunction with Joerg Andrees of the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, Stageworks and the Michael Chekhov Studio in Dublin.
Joerg Andrees is a stage and film director, performer, tutor and is regarded globally as one of the foremost exponents of the Michael Chekhov Method.

So far, the testimonials of the students who are participating in this course have been exceptional. The training is of a global standard previously unattainable in Ireland and so it is a real opportunity for European-based participants (Actors, directors, Performers etc) to receive world-class training close to home.

Download the Digital Brochure.

Visit Michael Chekhov Advanced Training Programme for details.

Registration for the next course begins in May 2013. Participants wishing to register an interest in this course should contact Karen at coordinator@gaietyschool.com.


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