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Actors Workout Guide Kick-start your technique practice with a solo or ensemble workout group.
AssaphTheatre24_Byckling Liisa Byckling describes Chekhov's 12th Night at the Assaph Habima theater.
Auditions As Meetings Learn how to make your auditions a useful and enjoyable process.
Backstage Interview with Robert Davi Robert Davi describes why he used Chekhov to enhance his acting career.
Backstage Review of To The Actor Review of Michael Chekhov's To The Actor in Backstage Newspaper.
Character Analysis Chart Use the chart to plan and plot your character.
Chekhov Technique Page References (OTA) Where to find each of Chekhov's tools in On The Technique of Acting.
Chekhov's Final Gift - The 3 Sisters Lisa Dalton speech about Michael Chekhov's final tool.
Headshotology How to plan and manage the creation of your all-important headshot.
Jeff Bridges Interview Charlie Rose interview of Jeff Bridges about acting and Michael Chekhov.
KAACTF Preparation Guidelines How to prepare to be a contestant in the KAACTF actor contests.
LA Myth Should you move to LA? It's a myth and here's why.
Meta-Psycho-Physiology Concepts Concepts about PsychoPysiology by Lisa Dalton.
Michael Chekhov as Actor, Teacher and Director in the West Lisa Byckling's article about Michael Chekhov after he left Russia.
POAJournal A Path to Powerful Organic Acting.
Psychological Gesture - Hollywoods Best Kept Acting Secret The low-down on Chekhov's powerful tool, Psychological Gesture.
Significance of Chekhov Chekhov's gifts according to Strasberg, Meisner, Vakhtangov and Stanislavski.
State-of-Ease How to create a feeling of Ease (BEEF) in anything you do.
Steiner - Thinking and Willling Lecture Rudolf Steiner's lecture on Thinking and Willing - a major influence of Chekhov.
Steiner speech gestures Rudolh Steiner's lectures on speech gestures which informed Chekhov's ideas.
Teaching Lesson Plan How to prepare and teach a lesson plan about Michael Chekhov.
The Other Chekhov - Backstage West Review Backstage West review and discussion of Michael Chekhov 2006.
Theater Glossary.pdf Comprehensive glossary of theater terms.
Understanding the Power of Feelings Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings from HeartMath Institute.
Weaving Chekhov into Methods How to integrate Michael Chekhov's teachings wiht other major actor systems.
Why Study Technique Why should an actor study acting techniques? The answer is here.

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