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Michael Chekhov with Mala Powers

On The Technique of Acting

At last, Michael Chekhov in his own words, uncensored! This 1942 manuscript was finally released for Publication in 1991 through the efforts of Chekhov Student and Estate Executrix Mala Powers. Over the six decades since its 1953 publication, Michael Chekhov's To the Actor has become a standard text for students of the theater. It is,  however, actually a heavily edited version of the original 1942 manuscript Now AVAILABLE as: On The Technique of Acting.  Ms. Powers contributed to this edition two very special additions. The first is her Preface, complete with the Chart for Inspired Acting. This chart, originally drawn by Mr. Chekhov's hand for Mala, is the ultimate concept map of his approach to training and inspired performance. It shows graphically most of his teachings in one symbol, useful to teachers and learners alike as a quick-reference short-hand overview of the techniques.  The second major contribution Ms. Powers made to the book is an Afterword about techniques developed with Hollywood and motion picture actors, after publication and prior to his passing in the 1950’s.

Scholars and teachers of Chekhov's technique have hailed On the Technique of Acting as the clearest, most accurate presentation of the principles he taught to Yul Brynner, Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Gregory Peck, Marilyn  Monroe, Anthony Quinn, Beatrice Straight, and Mala Powers, among others.

This is the book NMCA suggests new students of Chekhov begin with. It has a clear explanation of his key teachings. It has a biographical introduction by Mel Gordon, who describes the translation and publishing difficulties of To The Actor and On The Technique of Acting. It has the new preface with the Chart for Inspired Acting and afterword by Mala Powers, and the original text clarifies the pivotal role of the imagination in actors' understanding of themselves and the roles they play. The workshops and Institutes of NMCA follow this Chart and the Institute teaches all the techniques from this book throughout the week.
Find many books by and about Michael Chekhov. Fill your library with useful materials to help your study of the man's amazing life. Join the NMCA trainings to feel his teachings come alive in you.

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Find many books by and about Michael Chekhov to fill your library with useful materials to help your study of the man's amazing life and teachings come alive.

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Find books Michael Chekhov wrote or collaborated with others on his life and teachings (including a personally-recorded CD lecture series). Click the link to visit our Michael Chekhov Room. You will be able to purchase books directly from this room.

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Media About Chekhov

These products provide cassette, CD, and DVD media on various subjects. Order these directly from this page by clicking on the links.

Michael Chekhov Technique DVD Workout with Lisa Dalton


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This 62 minute DVD is designed for you to exercise The Chekhov Psycho-Physical Concepts with a group of colleagues led by Lisa Dalton. Based on the Chart for Inspired Acting in Mala Power's Preface of "On The Technique of Acting" by Michael Chekhov, (Harper), a menu offers the option to play all the way through, or to skip to specific exercises. Great for reviewing what you have learned or enhancing your understanding gathered from written and spoken Chekhov Materials. Order 2 or more and get free shipping!


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This Audio Presentation contains a 26 minute workout of the three most universal exercises in Michael Chekhov's technique: Expansion/Contraction, the Four Movement Qualities of Molding, Flowing, Flying and Radiating, followed by the intense and energizing "Staccato/Legato" exercise. The other track contains an interview with Lisa regarding the use of these exercises as a means to align your mind and body and to promote health and balance.
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From Russia to Hollywood, the 100 Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff

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From Russia to Hollywood

This inspiring documentary profiles the story of Michael Chekhov and his colleague George Shdanoff, as their lives moved from Russia to Hollywood. Film clips of the many great stars they coached and interviews with Anthony Quinn (shot by Lisa Dalton) and others makes this documentary both entertaining and educational as it reveals the technique and the biography. Select DVD or VHS Video(ntsc).
From Czarist Russia's Moscow Art Theatre to Hollywood's Dirty Harry, narrators Gregory Peck and Mala Powers join an A-list of Hollywood stars to take us through the odyssey of two Russian-born men. Academy Award-nominated Michael Chekhov and noted director/actor George Shdanoff brought a unique technique of acting to Hollywood. Lisa Dalton filmed on location in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France, England and the United States to co-produce this documentary examines the journey of Chekhov and Shdanoff that led to their creation of this revolutionary acting system, which turned Stanislavski's acting theory on its head, and empowered the legendary Hollywood stars and directors of the 40s, 50s and beyond to create their most memorable work on stage and in films.
The range and scope of the noted artists to be inspired by these two great coaches is astonishing: Ingrid Bergman, Lloyd Bridges, Yul Brynner, Leslie Caron, Cyd Charisse, Gary Cooper, Yvonne de Carlo, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Sharon Gless, Rex Harrison, Sterling Hayden, Jennifer Jones, Gene Kelly, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Patricia Neal, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Jack Palance, Gregory Peck, Mala Powers, Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn, Robert Taylor, Robert Stack, Beatrice Straight, Robert Walker and many others.
As renowned film critic and biographer, Richard Schickel, says, Dirty Harry has his roots in the Moscow Art Theatre ... It's completely true .... It's completely unrecognizable ... but there it is.
Color / Approx. running time: 110 Min. - English - Documentary

Anthony Quinn's Life and Encounters with Michael Chekhov

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Anthony Quinn & Michael Chekhov
This 53 minute program is an intimate and lively interview with Anthony Quinn focusing on his meeting and studying with Michael Chekhov, Quinn's use of the tools and of Chekhov's enduring influence on Quinn's life. The Chekhov techniques come alive when Quinn talks about them. The Hollywood anecdotes told as only the robust Mr. Quinn can, will linger in your memory with warmth and humour. His reverence will move your soul as clearly Mr. Chekhov did the Oscar winning Tony Quinn.

Michael Chekhov: The Dartington Years DVD

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This DVD Video profiles brilliant Actor/Coach Michael Chekhov from 1935-38, the critical years of developing his amazing technique and teaching in English for first time. Introduced by esteemed British actor, Simon Callow, this film features interviews with Dartington Hall students Eleanor Faison, Deirdre Hurst du Prey, and Paul Rogers. William Elmhirst, his sister Beatrice Straight and their parents, Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst, were and continue to be great benefactors of the Chekhov technique and this film.
Produced by the Michael Chekhov Centre, UK in association with the Dorothy Whitney Elmhirst Trust and Palomino Films, Rarely seen footage shows Mr. Chekhov leading his classes in graceful exercises on the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall in south west England. Lisa Dalton contributed additional footage of interviews with the students who eventually moved to the United States. FOR AMERICAN SALES ONLY.