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Pricing for Training Workshops

Browse through the Workshop Tracks below for pricing info.

Michael Chekhov Training Intensive Week

Winter in Gainesville, Florida (UFL winter break)

Summer in Las Cruces, NM (Early June)

Register with a $300 deposit to hold your seat!


Register prior to the expiration of the EarlyBird date (note  upper left corner of this page) to get a $50 discount. When you register   the discount (or the PlayBook addition) is automatically applied. SO the price in the Registration Page is the actual price.      

Michael Chekhov Training Intensive Workshop (CTI)

Program Track   Tuition 
College Students
Actor (Actor-as-Educator)
Certification Programs
Alumni Refresher
A $50 charge for Michael Chekhov Technique PlayBook is added for 1st time students. It can be reused for future workshops.
Certifications include Acting, Teaching, Directing, Designing.

Add additional Certification programs for $300 each.

To reach the Registration System, return to the HOME page and click on the Register Now Button.

If you want to take the bi-annual DBD program and take the CTI program at the same time, use the pricing table below.

Deeper-by-Devising (DBD)

Runs in Odd-Numbered Years 

This semi-annual workshop is offered only at New Mexico State University immediately after the Summer CTI in odd-numbered years. Any alumni of any CTI can attend, but if you attend the CTI immediately-preceding the DBD, there is special combo-pricing. 
Pricing below includes discount combination prices when DBD is combined with a Program Track in the  CTI that precedes DBD that year.   
Deeper-By-Devising     1125 
Combo Price = DBD + CTI (- $150)
When attending a combined CTI course as a first-time student, a $50 charge for NMCA Michael Chekhov Technique PlayBook is added. 

The NMCA Registration System shows available options for that workshop year. When DBD is not offered, options do not appear.

To reach the Registration System, return to the HOME page and click on the Resgister Now Button.


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