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The Michael Chekhov work reawakened my sense of the power and possibility of transformation in acting.  At a time when the actor is asked so often to simply "be yourself," these techniques embrace imagination, invention, physicality, freedom, confidence, and JOY, all of which enhance and expand one's performance and cast-ability.  What a gift!  Lisa Dalton and Wil Kilroy present the work with mastery, passion, respect and a clear sense of how to apply it to getting the job AND doing it well.
  - Gail Cronauer Theatre Faculty, Collin College, Plano TX - NMCA Certified Teacher
The Michael Chekhov Institute is one of these exceptional and transformational moments in one's life.
I remember that the 7 days were incredibly intense, and filled with discoveries and realizations that I have kept in my heart forever.
Wil Kilroy is a joy to work with, and a caring, compassionate and centered person who will give you complete support, guidance and encouragement in your self-discovery.
Lisa Dalton is an exceptionally talented teacher. I have never met anyone else who could so accurately identify and clear the blocks in the way to your highest performance. She has a gift and can clearly see what your personal issues are; and is also able to give you the tools to overcome them, yet doing this with joy and fun.

The Michael Chekhov Theatre Institute is an amazing program and I highly recommend it to any actor, but especially to professional actors who want to recharge their inspiration and reach their highest potential.

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Author, A BALANCING ACT, the development of Energize! a holistic approach to acting.
Director, Starlight Acting Institute
One of the most helpful parts of your Chekhov programs has been the idea of "Practice - Observe - Apply" of one technique or tool each day from the circle of inspired acting and the other concepts of Michael Chekhov.  Too often we try to teach it all at once and get lost in a maze of confusion.  One tool or technique each day is easy to handle and as Chekhov said, "One tool leads to all the others."  We've had a great year with Chekhov.  The Music Man is getting rave reviews by all who saw it.  We have two more performances this week.  I'll send you some pictures.
Harold Burnett, Theater Dept. Chair, Eagle Hill School, MA - NMCA Certified Teacher
After my training with you guys I became so aware of my entire body and the use of it. Like I told you back then, I could finally feel and sense the emotions going thru my body and finally acknowledge and realize the changes my body went thru in each of the wonderful exercises we did. After that training at Maine, I can tell you my life has changed personally and professionally. I am aware of my body and mind as a person and what I project to others and also what my character -body and mind- is and how it projects to the given circumstances.

The best gift I could ever have had as an actor is the gift that M. Chekhov's legacy gave us: "be aware of your body, use it, shape it, use your energy and imagination and can achieve many things personally and professionally."

Chekhov training changed my life radically. I love the technique in all aspects and I am always encouraging fellow actors to try it. It has helped me to over come even some personal issues. Chekhov was a genius...May his soul always be warding us actors!

Angelica, Actor, Arizona
 ...this Michael Chekhov Institute was one of the most valuable sessions I have taken. The course content was substantive and wide-ranging. My experience was nothing short of life changing and has inspired me to personally utilize the technique with my own acting, my teaching, performance evaluating and directing using the precepts and principles of the Michael Chekhov approach.
Eric Bishop - Department Chair - NMCA Teacher Candidate
MiraCosta College in Oceanside
The Michael Chekhov taught by Lisa Dalton and Wil Kilroy helped to redefine my techniques and totally expand my performance horizons, making each moment come alive!
Jacqueline McCall
N. Texas Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors & Co-producer with Pluma Pictures
The Chekhov work is vital as it gently forces actors to connect to impulse, discovery, and expression in a more dynamic and truthful way. Having worked with both Lisa and Wil for over 10 years, I know of nobody else who teaches the technique with greater knowledge, passion, and joy. You will leave their workshops and classes prepared, deeply satisfied, and full of light.
Josh Chenard
Professor - New Mexico State University - Chekhov Certified 2004
Thanks for six fabulous, gruelingly marvelous Chekhovian days that opened doors to previously unexperienced depths of creative action and understanding and gave me the tools to get back there time and again.
Gloria Stafford, Actor/Dance Teacher for the Handicapped. Austin TX
The Chekhov Technique has absolutely shown me a new world of acting possibilities, but what I really consider to be priceless about my training is how the technique has touched me in my everyday life. Chekhov gives you tools to unlock the beauty and vitality of every moment and every person. Chekhov reminds us how to love.
Josh Heard - Actor, Ft Worth TX
The Chekhov workshop provided me with acting teaching skills that I use repeatedly. My students find the work really accessible. The skills taught are great for directing as well as acting.
Nancy Saklad - Assistant Professor of Performance - NMCA Certified Teacher
SUNY New Paltz, NY
Before I became associated with the Chekhov method, I really did not think about who the character was or how the character's whole being would react in a given situation.  Now I feel that my whole body becomes the character and every gesture adds to the believability of the character.
Dan Nolen, Jr.  Actor/Director - DFW

Students and colleagues have experienced and reported these results:

Booking more acting Jobs!  Greater joy in my life as an actor.

Increased access to emotional truth.

Greater facility to apply any acting technique I already knew.

More unique and exciting choices.

Deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

More levels of characterization and objective.

Ease and confidence in my networking, auditioning and performing.
Fun...I was reawakened to what made me love acting in the first place.

Belief in myself...used to cringe when I said I am an actor... never again.

Sincere, knowledgeable and effective career guidance.

Much more than an acting class.

Truly supportive classmates.

A real acting technique which encompasses everything I do unconsciously.
If it isn't fun, why are we doing this?